Natural History Building - University of Ilinois at Urbana Champaign

Sector: Education
Location: Urbana, Illinois
Year Completed: 2017


  • 148,000 sq. ft.
  • 90 Private Offices
  • 180 Workstations
  • 7 Conference Rooms
  • 13 Lounges
  • 32 Classrooms


  • Provide modern and updated learning facilities that support group work, graduate level research, and lab work
  • Attract and retain current students, faculty, and staff
  • Have easy and organic circulation throughout the building
  • Synthesize University of Illinois' campus culture and spirit with the institution's history and tradition
  • Recruit the best talent both to the University and to School of Earth, Society, and the Environment and the School of Integrative Biology


  • Renovated 32 classroom and 90 private offices, installing 180 workstations ranging from Reff Profiles™ to Dividends Horizon® to Antenna® Simple Tables
  • Incorporated 13 lounge areas of different sizes, furnished with KnollStudio which mirrors the elegance and traditional look of the building's interior
  • Selected KnollTextiles upholstery and panel fabrics that match the University colors in order to foster unity amongst the student body
  • Specified adaptable furnishings to be moved around according to the demands of the task at hand


  • Provided comfortable and ample workspaces for students and faculty to increase the time spent in the Natural History Building
  • Enhanced overall unity amongst the student body by combining tradition with current campus culture
  • Re-positioned the Natural History Building as a campus focal point, situating the building as more inviting and welcoming


  • Architect & Interior Designer: LCM Architects
  • Knoll Dealer: Resource One of Illinois Ltd.
  • General Contractor: CORE Constructions