Rose State College Project Overview

Sector: Higher Education
Location: Midwest City, OK
Year Completed: 2020
Team: Beck Design, Knoll Dealer Spaces Inc.


  • 48,000 sq. ft.
  • 2 Floors
  • 14 Private offices
  • 5 Workstations
  • 3 Conference Rooms
  • 2 Lounge Areas
  • 1 Cafeteria


  • Design a first class student union to outcompete other colleges
  • Design a place to celebrate students
  • Create a mulit-use facility for events, functions, and community
  • Create a place students want to be and support their campus engagement


  • Selected flexible and multi-functional furniture that supported collaboration and engagement
  • Incorporated the school colors into the design to celebrate the students while maintaining a timeless and classy style
  • Included a variety of seating to create a welcoming environment for all students
  • Designed spacious work rooms with supplemental bench seating to increase room capacity


  • Increased student usage and satisfaction
  • Utilization by student clubs and organizations for community building
  • Increased utilization of dining services