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Four Ways to Set the Stage for a Festive Holiday Gathering

It's the season to give thanks, to commune, to host. And though planning your holiday fête may cause stress for some, don't fret: There are a few simple ways to ensure that your party is anything but paint-by-numbers.

After all, the holidays are rarely predictable. Why should you be? Try these four tips to make your gathering one to remember.

Show Your Colors

Broaden your palette with a personal blend of modern color. Mix and match vivid, monochrome designs like the Bertoia Side Chair or select from an array of customizable colorways to set off entertaining indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Find Your Form

Why choose one? Combine silhouettes and styles around the table with a variety of dining chairs that let your guests make the choice. Discover iconic stools and seats that make a statement.

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Update the Guest List

Saarinen, Mies, Lissoni, Adjaye: Toast timelessness with designers both classic and contemporary. Explore pieces made for every occasion from some of the world’s most renowned designers.

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Play With Upholstery

Enrich any evening with exaggerated textures, hand-crafted aesthetics, and traditional and innovative materials. Explore solids, patterns, and more bestselling upholsteries that inspire both eye and hand.

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