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KnollTextiles Launches The Odyssey Collection

When the past becomes present

New York, NY— KnollTextiles has introduced the latest collection designed by KnollTextiles Creative Director Dorothy Cosonas. Cosonas drew inspiration from her home, extracting and modernizing design motifs found in an heirloom rug that nuns wove in 1913 on the Greek islands of Lesbos.

Woven for her grandmother's dowry, this rug directly inspired three of the six upholstery patterns in the collection. Yeni is a small-scale pattern derived from geometry within the rug. Vatera is a largescale contemporary pattern inspired by other visual elements of the rug, including its beautiful imperfections.

Andissa is a full width repeat floral and stripe combination. Its tapestry-like aesthetic required 15 yarn colors on a custom loom. Multiple weaving techniques were employed to allow the flower and stripe elements to appear as if floating atop the textured background. Andissa offers interesting design combinations; it can be upholstered using the full width floral and stripe, floral alone, or stripe alone. 

The Odyssey Collection also includes three solid offerings, which provide a range of textures and palettes. Aegean has a tightly woven structure. Helios is a crisp canvas upholstery. Pattern Limani is a super high pile mohair with a luxurious hand. The color work across patterns is cohesive and clean with a plethora of options from warm and cool neutrals to happy, bright and saturated tones.

The vertical product in Odyssey includes Messa, a textural Grade 10 panel fabric; Plomari, a tape yarn wallcovering with Crypton Wall® for enhanced performance; and Samos, a beautiful drapery witih a tricolor painterly effect.

Four of the upholstery fabrics and the wallcovering are made in the U.S.A.

"It is richly satisfying to design with inspiration so near to my heart and home," said Cosonas. "The Odyssey Collection, and the pattern Andissa in particular, exemplifies how old can be transformed into new, while leading in design that is Modern Always."



Yeni: This small-scale square pattern is familiar yet fresh. The tight palette boasts warm and cool neutrals and saturated tones. Yeni is a KT upholstery for affordable modern design and is made in the U.S.A.

Width: 53"
Content: 76% cotton, 24% nylon
Abrasion: 100,000+ double rubs Wyzenbeek
Color Options: 8

Vatera: Vatera is a largescale graphic pattern. The viscose slub yarn gives textures to the ground and the hand-drawn effect of the lines reference imperfections found on the back of the rug. Vatera is made in the U.S.A.

Width: 53"
Content: 54% cotton, 29% nylon, 17% rayon
Abrasion: 100,000+ double rubs Wyzenbeek
Color Options: 6

Andissa: This bold largescale pattern shows both floral and stripe elements within the full width repeat. The combination and placement of two strong design motifs makes this tapestry-like upholstery truly modern. A custom loom set up with the mill allowed for multiple yarn colors in both the warp and weft directions. Andissa is made in the U.S.A. 

Width: 53"
Content: 61%, 27% post-consumer recycled polyester, 12% nylon
Abrasion: 40,000+ double rubs Wyzenbeek
Color Options: 3

Aegean: Aegean is a fantastic foundation fabric. It is textural solid upholstery with a soft hand in a broad palette of 10 warm and inviting color options.

Width: 55"
Content: 40% viscose, 35% acrylic, 15% cotton, 10% polyester
Abrasion: 60,000+ double rubs Wyzenbeek
Color Options: 10

Helios: This crisp canvas upholstery fits in the KT line for affordable modern design. The lower price point belies the quality of Helios, available in 15 clean, clear, saturated colors ranging from neutrals to strong happy brights. Helios is made in the U.S.A. with post-consumer recycled polyester: 1 yard Helios = 34 plastic bottles. 

Width: 54"
Content: 65% post-industrial recycled polyester, 35% post-consumer recycled polyester
Abrasion: 100,000+ double rubs Wyzenbeek
Color Options: 15

Limani: Limani is a super high pile mohair woven in a 'W' construction, adding density and durability to the upholstery. Limani is available in seven soft tones and has a deliciously luxurious hand.

Width: 55"
Content: 65% mohair, 35% cotton
Abrasion: 100,000+ double rubs Wyzenbeek
Color Options: 7


Messa: Messa is a 66" wide Grade 10 textural panel fabric woven with post-consumer recycled polyester.

Width: 66"
Content: 69% post-consumer recycled polyester, 31% polyester
Color Options: 8



Plomari: Made in the U.S.A, this tape yarn wallcovering has a subtle sheen and texture. Plomari is finished with Crypton Wall® for enhanced performance. It is woven with both post-industrial and post-consumer recycled polyester.

Width: 54"
Content: 37% post-industrial recycled polyester, 27% post-consumer recycled polyester, 27% olefin, 9% polyester
Color Options: 8



Samos: This painterly drapery is offered in a palette with both tone-on-tone and highly saturated options for drama. Samos is 100% polyester and available in six color options.

Width: 54"
Content:100% polyester
Color Options: 6


About KnollTextiles

KnollTextiles is under the creative direction of Dorothy Cosonas, who combines clean, clear color with modern, elegant patterns and textures. In 2005 Cosonas was named the 11th Creative Director of KnollTextiles. Her inaugural collection won a Best of NeoCon Gold award – her first of seven along with six Silver awards for Knoll. In 2008, she founded Knoll Luxe, the fashion-forward luxury component of KnollTextiles, where she has contributed her own designs along with collaborations with renowned fashion designers such as Proenza Schouler, Rodarte and Maria Cornejo. Her work was a major part of a KnollTextiles 2011 retrospective exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center and has been accepted into the permanent collection of Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian National Design Museum. Founded by Florence Knoll in 1947, KnollTextiles is a division of Knoll, Inc., and maintains a marketing and design studio at 1330 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York.

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