Knoll for the Canadian Federal Government

Knoll has been working with the Canadian Federal Government since the early 1960's. We understand the Government of Canada's new Workplace 2.0 Fit-Up Standards and can help Canadian departments create modern workspaces that will attract, retain and enable its employees to work smarter and more efficiently to serve Canadians better.

We are committed to helping the Canadian government with its mandate to create open, flexible and dynamic workspaces which allow for innovative design and better use of space. Please contact us to explore further.


Reff Profiles™
Antenna® Workspaces
Dividends Horizon®
Series 2™
Generation by Knoll®
ReGeneration by Knoll®
MultiGeneration by Knoll® Hybrid Base
MultiGeneration by Knoll® Stacking Base
Toboggan® Chair Desk
EWC Pro™ Task Chair
EWC Pro™ Side Chair
EWC Sport™ Task Chair
EWC Tech™ Task Chair
EWC Tech™ Side Chair
Sapper XYZ®
Sapper™ Single Monitor Arm
Sapper™ Double Monitor Arm
Copeland Light™
Scribe® Mobile Markerboard