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Knoll Education Solutions

Leverage the power of design to inspire great learning and teaching environments

For over 75 years, we've worked with education organizations around the world to develop interior spaces that inspire, evolve and endure.  We understand the complexities of planning for inevitable change on campus and the critical need for multipurpose furnishings that can adapt over time.

Space matters – it is a key factor in attracting and retaining both students and faculty.  Knoll offers numerous solutions appropriate across campus – whether for high visibility areas like libraries and residence halls, or for hard working areas like laboratories and active learning classrooms.  While there is a spectrum of needs within these different spaces – from casual to formal, impromptu to planned, open to enclosed – research confirms the importance of distinct choices for each type of interactivity.

Our commitment to innovation and modern design has yielded a comprehensive portfolio of furnishings to help universities and colleges meet their strategic goals including creating effective learning spaces, growing enrollments, conveying the proper brand image and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. Simple and sustainable, our products are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified for healthy interior environments, are BIFMA level certified and can contribute to LEED certification.

Learning Spaces

To create effective and efficient learning environments, you need adaptable, durable furniture that can flex to the task at hand.  From lecture halls to active learning classrooms, Knoll furnishings help create dynamic learning environments that enhance the student’s academic experience.

Community Spaces

A thriving university or college campus requires spaces that can attract and retain students, convey the proper brand image, foster community interaction and cultivate alumni support.  Knoll offers a wide variety of furnishings that can not only help create beautiful common spaces but are also durable, adaptable, enduring and sustainable.  Our furniture is a flexible platform for ever changing technology – we can support needs today and tomorrow.

Faculty and Administrative Spaces

Universities and colleges demand a variety of enclosed and open plan solutions that support diverse individual work styles and provide multiple opportunities for collaborative work and group activities.  Our high-performance products are designed to effectively support various work modes – individual, focused work; shared work centering on the exchange of ideas or team work that depends on the collective wisdom of the group.

Education Downloads and Documents

Education Downloads and Documents

Featured Education Research

  • k. talks

    Research March 31, 2020

    Join us for a virtual weekly series about the changing dynamics of work today.

  • Limitless Learning: Re-imagining Libraries, Faculty Offices and In-Between Spaces

    Research March 17, 2020

    Knoll convened a Higher Education Summit in Chicago in October 2019 with thought leaders in higher education design from across the country.

  • Texas State University

    Research October 29, 2018

    The rapidly expanding public research university in San Marcos, Texas, is the academic home to nearly 40,000 students from around the world. The University continues its commitment toward expanding active learning environments to serve this growing student population.

  • Forman Active Learning Classroom

    Research January 10, 2017

    When UPenn set out to renovate its engineering library, the project involved rethinking the interior in order to realign the space with a contemporary pedagogy.

  • The Influence of Design on the Learning Environment

    Research September 11, 2015

    To learn more about the link between facility design and student experience, Knoll conducted a two-part study with the Wake Forest School of Business.


    Research July 14, 2014

    Located on the Red Sea, in the Saudi Arabian desert, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a new international, graduate-level research university. To design and build an environment, in just 28 months, for an institution that existed only in concept required Herculean efforts from an international team.

  • Designing for a Quality Learning Experience

    Research June 26, 2014

    In this pre-move assessment at the Wake Forest University School of Business we found many connections between design and: quality of study, socializing, satisfaction with space and even decision to attend the school. We were also able to identify specific design features that impact these outcomes and provide insights on how to improve the spaces.

  • Evolving Design of Faculty Offices

    Research September 27, 2013

    Knoll conducted a study among several American universities to determine the most flexible and efficient means of planning and furnishing the traditional faculty private office with today's needs in mind. The findings are now being used as the basis for new forward-thinking designs to help colleges and universities plan more flexible and efficient office spaces.

  • Limitless Learning

    Research May 23, 2013

    This paper takes a closer look at the environmental transformations underway in higher education. A peek into the buildings reveals a very different picture than that of a decade or two ago. What is so different? And more specifically, how does this affect the planning function? | White Paper


Featured Education Project Profiles

  • Mount Si High School

    Project Profile March 04, 2020

    Located in Washington State between Rattlesnake Ridge and the Snoqualmie River floodway, Mount Si High School opened Phase 1 of the new school in 2019.

  • Emory University Student Center

    Project Profile January 02, 2020

    Emory University favors a heavily mixed planning solution to create an immersive experience that enables faculty and students to do more together.

  • Hill College House: University of Pennsylvania

    Project Profile October 23, 2019

    University of Pennsylvania adapts Saarinen's Hill College House for contemporary campus life and work.

  • Brown University: Engineering Research Center

    Project Profile February 07, 2019

    Collaboration and transparency set the tone at Engineering Research Center at Brown University.

  • The Hoover Institution at Stanford University - David and Joan Traitel Building

    Project Profile April 23, 2018

    Increasing the capacity of Stanford University's Hoover Institution, the new David and Joan Traitel Building embraces natural veneers.

  • Natural History Building - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

    Project Profile November 16, 2017

    A cherished landmark, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign looked to Knoll when renovating the Natural History Building.


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