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Price Effective Date
Date Added/Updated
Price Lists DOWNLOADPDF1.4 MB06/15/2006/30/20
Quoin DOWNLOADPDF1.74 MB06/11/2006/20/19
KnollTextiles Price List DOWNLOADPDF1.44 MB04/30/2004/30/20
Islands Collection by Knoll Price List DOWNLOADPDF0.67 MB03/17/2005/14/20
24 Hour Response Price List DOWNLOADPDF0.15 MB03/15/2006/11/20
Knoll Space Price List (US) DOWNLOADPDF24.81 MB03/15/2003/13/20
Knoll Space Price List (Canada) DOWNLOADPDF24.74 MB03/15/2003/13/20
KnollStudio Price List Vol 2 DOWNLOADPDF11.13 MB03/15/2003/09/20
KnollStudio Price List DOWNLOADPDF12.93 MB03/15/2003/09/20
k. bench Price List DOWNLOADPDF0.75 MB03/15/2002/27/20
k. stand Price List DOWNLOADPDF0.56 MB03/15/2006/18/20
AutoStrada Price List DOWNLOADPDF6.89 MB03/15/2004/09/20
Upstart Price List DOWNLOADPDF0.76 MB03/15/2003/04/20
Anchor Price List DOWNLOADPDF8.63 MB03/15/2006/11/20
Antenna Workspaces Price List DOWNLOADPDF28.43 MB03/15/2004/15/20
Crinion Open Table Price List DOWNLOADPDF1.14 MB03/15/2002/17/20
Currents Price List DOWNLOADPDF4.74 MB03/15/2004/09/20
Tone Height-Adjustable Tables DOWNLOADPDF0.9 MB03/15/2002/27/20
Office Seating Price List DOWNLOADPDF21.02 MB03/15/2005/07/20
KnollExtra Price List DOWNLOADPDF6.14 MB03/15/2002/19/20
Template Price List DOWNLOADPDF2.32 MB03/15/2002/17/20
Reff Profiles Vol 2 Price List DOWNLOADPDF14.7 MB03/15/2005/14/20
Series 2 Price Lists DOWNLOADPDF2.64 MB03/15/2002/17/20
Rockwell Unscripted Price List DOWNLOADPDF2.29 MB03/15/2006/11/20
Standard Specials Systems DOWNLOADPDF1.85 MB03/15/2005/22/20
Reff Profiles Price List DOWNLOADPDF4.56 MB03/15/2006/11/20
k. Lounge Price List DOWNLOADPDF1.31 MB03/15/2006/11/20
Dividends Horizon Price List DOWNLOADPDF16.19 MB03/15/2005/29/20
k. screen Price List DOWNLOADPDF0.25 MB03/15/2002/27/20
Calibre Price List DOWNLOADPDF3.83 MB03/15/2006/11/20
DatesWeiser Price List DOWNLOADPDF12.8 MB10/04/1910/04/19
Morrison Price List DOWNLOADPDF2.26 MB03/15/1903/08/19