Knoll Healthcare Solutions

Leverage the power of design to create inspiring healthcare environments

In today’s healthcare environment, providers must improve patient satisfaction as well as attract and retain caregivers, all while delivering quality care and reducing costs.  Many providers understand the role that design can play in achieving these goals: it can impact patients’ perceptions of their brand and the care they receive, and it can affect staff performance, productivity and comfort on the job. 

Knoll works with clients to create enduring, well-designed spaces that can help meet strategic goals, have a solid return on initial investment and save money over the long run.


Reff Profiles™
Dividends Horizon®
Antenna® Workspaces
Service Wall
Generation by Knoll®
ReGeneration by Knoll®
ReGeneration by Knoll® High Task Chair
Chadwick® High Task Chair
Tone Height-Adjustable Tables
Pixel by Marc Krusin
Dividends Horizon® X Base Tables
Antenna® Simple Tables
k. lounge
Krefeld Lounge Chair
D'Urso Swivel Chair
Spark® Series Side Chair
Sprite Stacking Chair
Gigi® Chair
Sapper XYZ®
Sapper XYZ® Crossbar
Sapper™ Single Monitor Arm
Sapper™ Double Monitor Arm
Sapper™ Triple Monitor Arm
Sapper™ Multiple Monitor Beams
Scribe® Mobile Markerboard
Universal Markerboard
Sparrow® Desktop Light
Adjustable CPU Holders
Keyboard Supports