Market Focus

  • Healthcare

    Knoll offers a range of durable, reliable and attractive products well-suited to the demands of healthcare environments.

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  • Small Business and Startups

    Knoll Essentials makes it easy to order high-performance Knoll products for startups and small and mid-size businesses.

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  • Higher Education

    Knoll helps colleges and universities create learning, residential and administrative facilities that inspire, evolve and endure.

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  • Government/GSA

    Through U.S. Communities, Knoll offers the best government discounts available.

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  • Canadian Federal Government

    Knoll holds Supply Arrangement Contracts and National Master Standing Orders for the Canadian Federal Government.

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  • Legal

    Knoll products deliver quality, style and flexibility to the legal industry.

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  • Global Business Division

    The Knoll Global Business Division serves multinational customers through a manufacturing and dealer network that covers the world’s major markets.

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  • Residential

    Knoll is an unparalleled resource for residential furniture with an unwavering belief in the power and utility of modern design.

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