Seating Supply Arrangement
with the Canadian Federal Government

Seating Supply Arrangement #E60PQ-120001/013/PQ

The Seating Supply Arrangement allows Canadian Federal Government departments to purchase high performance task chairs, conference chairs and side chairs for their facilities. The Knoll products approved on this contract are Generation, ReGeneration, MultiGeneration, Remix, Life, Moment and Newson Aluminum.

Call Up Limitation Tier 1: $1.00 - $24,999.99 (D&I and taxes included).  Non-competitive.

Call Up Limitation Tier 2:  $25,000.00 - $399,999.99 (D&I and taxes included).  Competitive by Client Department.

Call Up Limitation Tier 3:  $400,000.00 - $10M (D&I and taxes included).  Competitive by PSPC.


Christine Hartley
Canadian Federal Government Sales Team Leader
Tel 1-888-401-7720
[email protected]