Workspace Supply Arrangement
with the Canadian Federal Government

SA #E60PQ-140003/018/PQ

This SA is in place to allow Federal Government clients to purchase Interconnecting Panels and Freestanding Systems, Freestanding Height Adjustable Desk/Tables Products, Metal Filing and Storage Cabinets, Wood Veneer Freestanding Products as well as Ancillary and Lighting Products.  The Knoll products approved on this contract are extensive and include, to name a few, Dividends Horizon, Reff Profiles, Anchor Storage and Tone Height Adjustable Tables.

Call Up Limitation Tier 1: $1.00 - $24,999.99 (D&I and taxes included).  Non-competitive.

Call Up Limitation Tier 2:  $25,000.00 - $399,999.99 (D&I and taxes included).  Competitive by Client Department.

Call Up Limitation Tier 3:  $400,000.00 - $10M (D&I and taxes included).  Competitive by PSPC.


Morgan Jensen
Workplace Sales Representative
Tel 613 769-3218
[email protected]