Knoll Canadian Federal Government FAQs

What contracts does Knoll have with the Government of Canada?

Knoll currently has two contracts with the Government of Canada:
1. Seating Supply Arrangement #E60PQ-120001/013/PQ
2. Freestanding Supply Arrangement #E60PQ-090004/043/PQ


Where should purchase orders be sent?

Please send purchase orders to:

Knoll Inc., c/o Knoll Participating Dealer
P.O. Box 157
1235 Water Street
East Greenville, PA 18041
Attn: MaryFran Young
Phone: 215-679-1492


Does Knoll accept electronic orders?

Yes. Please send by email to:


Does Knoll accept credit card orders?

Yes, Knoll accepts both VISA and Mastercard. Please use Credit Card Order Form below.

Credit Card Ordering Form


Who do I contact for payment and monthly invoicing information?

Please contact William Edwards at 1-215-679-1600 or by email at


Where can I get a Knoll catalogue?

Please contact Christine Hartley at 1-888-401-7720 or by email at