• Space Delineation

Space Delineation

Using vertical and horizontal planes of color and material to define space

Today's offices are more fluid and more multipurpose than ever. Large, open spaces contain areas for teamwork, socialization, entertainment, and, of course, focused work. The challenge of defining and differentiating space, without sacrificing the appeal of the open plan, has led workplace planners and designers to ideas more commonly found in residential and hospitality design.

The use of vertical and horizontal elements, including screens, panels, drapery and floor coverings, allows designers to create fluid, adapatble, semi-private spaces throughout the office without the mass or permanence of constructed walls.

KnollTextiles, FilzFelt and Spinneybeck offer an incredible range of products and materials to create elegant, exciting, thoughtfully programmed space.

Screens + Panels

Screens and panels introduce vertical surfaces of varying opacity and mass to define and separate spaces, control views, and provide privacy. Areas are differentiated through color, texture and material to create unique environments, each with their own purpose and appeal.

FilzFelt panels and modular screens hang in fixed or mobile tracks suspended from the ceiling. The thickness and density of wool felt allow the panels to hang freely without a backing or additional support, enabling an unfettered, modern screening system that is identical from both sides and will always hang straight.

Ruckstuhl Pannello and Silento products by FilzFelt are solid, sound absorbing units that can be suspended from the ceiling or used freestanding.

Tratto by Spinneybeck is a unique screen made from stretched CNC-cut Belting Leather held in traction within an aluminum frame.


Drapery is a simple and beautiful way to divide space in the open office. Textiles are a soft, organic counterpoint to the hard lines of architecture, and add texutre, color and movement.

KnollTextiles offers a wide variety of drapery options — patterned or solid, sheer or opaque — to help create inspired spaces throughout the workplace.

Floor + Ceiling

Where vertical elements are neither desirable nor practical, horizontal planes of color and texture, achieved with floor coverings and ceiling applications, are a less intrusive way to ground and define areas around the office.

Felt floor mats from FilzFelt bring color and softness, lending sapces a casual, welcoming feel. Leather rugs from Spinneybeck put sophistication and elegance underfoot.

Acoustika ceiling panels from FilzFelt define space below by adding color color and texture above.

Space Delineation Products