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    Dan Grabowski

    Dan Grabowski hails from Detroit and is a graduate of The College for Creative Studies. His life’s work was inspired early on by his father who is a builder and by a friend’s father who was an automotive designer. Through their combined influence he knew he wanted to build things that were inherently functional and beautiful. After three decades spent perfecting his craft and 25 years as an independent designer building a portfolio of successful products for top brands in the industry, Grabowski has launched in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Islands Tables have a very strong geometric presence. The shapes and design aesthetic are a result of Grabowski’s lifelong study of forms, patterns and proportions. He has created a table line that addresses every aspect of the office; the tables are designed to fill a wide range of spaces for individuals and teams, while providing unprecedented access to power at the work surface. The softened table shapes are inviting and encourage movement and collaboration throughout the work environment.

    Dan’s love of sailing inspired him to create this collection by studying the lines where water meets the land; forces carve away rock and stone to create soft and inviting organic shapes. These table shapes are an attempt to bring that balance indoors and create “islands” for individual and team interactions.

Dan Grabowski