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Knoll Designer Bios

Jhane Barnes

b. USA, 1954

A lifelong fascination with fabrics and fashion led Jhane Barnes to the Fashion Institute of Technology. Throughout her career Barnes incorporated the rigor and precision of her science background into her design process, creating textiles that feature geometric patterns informed by mathematic principles and systems and astrophysics. In recognition of her unique approach and stunning results, 24-year-old Barnes became the youngest ever, and first female, winner of the fashion industry’s coveted COTY award.

As her menswear designs became popular among Knoll employees, the company commissioned Barnes to develop a collection in 1983. The Jhane Barnes Collection was hugely successful, both as upholstery and as a vertical treatment for the growing panel-based office systems. Barnes continued to introduce Knoll textiles from 1983 until 1989 that successfully combined classic modern designs with 1980s sensibilities.

Barnes has since established herself in both commercial textile and fashion design and continues to be recognized as a leader in the industry.