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Knoll Designer Bios

Robert Reuter

b. USA, 1950

After earning a degree in architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Robert Reuter came to Knoll and spent three years working with Andrew Morrison to develop the Morrison office system from 1977 to 1980. A testament to the completeness of Morrison and Reuter’s investigation and process, the system was Knoll’s top-selling office product for the next two decades.

Reuter served as Knoll Senior Development Manager until 1987 and has continued to design numerous office products for the company, including the highly innovative Currents system, which he co-designed with Charles Rozier. Currents features a central “spine” through which all data, power and communications wiring runs, and was the first Knoll system designed from the ground up for the information age.

Most recently, Reuter and Rozier co-developed Autostrada. With the help of Director of Design, Carl Magnusson, the pair synthesized everything Knoll had learned in more than 40 years of systems design, combining the best aspects of all previous Knoll systems into a single, comprehensive product offering.

Robert Reuter currently heads his own design consultancy, Reuter Design, and is an adjunct faculty member of Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies.