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Knoll Designer Bios

Vincent Cafiero

USA, b. 1930

After completing design studies at Pratt Institute as well as coursework in business administration, ceramics, and sculpture at Pace University and Texas Western University, Vincent Cafiero found applications for his diverse talents at Knoll.

As Senior Designer of the Knoll Planning Unit from 1956 to 1967 he led many of the company’s largest interior design projects, including the milestone CBS interior in 1965. Cafiero coordinated and executed designs for residences, universities, and corporate and executive offices. He was also responsible for Knoll showroom designs in Philadelphia, Boston, and St. Louis.

In addition to his work for the Planning Unit, Cafiero designed several pieces of furniture throughout his career with Knoll including the 5800 Series Desk and the Knoll Library Collection. His distinctively rectangular executive seating collection was a reaction to the overly curvaceous “bucket chair” designs popular at the time.