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Introducing "Tools for Life"

A Performative 11-piece Collection by OMA

To celebrate our 75th year, we teamed up with world-class architecture studio OMA to design a collection of furniture. What resulted is dynamic, innovative, and experimental—an expression of OMA’s challenging research and design process on a completely new scale. The eleven pieces, as OMA principle Rem Koolhaas explains, can perform in a myriad of ways, changing both physically and functionally to suit a variety of environments and uses. This is a manifestation of OMA's functional philosophy and their position as provocateurs—designers who study, question and then mediate our experiences, programming us with the agency to perform within our environments in ways we didn’t know we wanted.

The collection’s flexibility is born from Knoll's desire to cultivate design that can live both in the background and foreground of our lives. As a result, OMA has created furniture that can exist in and in between the office and domestic environments: equipment for living—tools for life.