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Diversity & Inclusion

At Knoll, our differences contribute to our success. We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and creating opportunities for people who come from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, people with disabilities, and building on our leadership in LGBTQ+ equality. We recognize that our policies and practices will evolve as we continue to focus on creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Modernism in design was born as a means toward social good, and Knoll was founded on the principle that modern design can make a difference in improving the quality of the way we live and work. By extension, good design celebrates the color of one’s skin, their abilities or disabilities, sexual orientation or gender identity, and responds to the universal desire for utility, joy and beauty.

We believe that embracing diverse perspectives contributes to an inclusive workplace and strengthens the communities where we live and work. Knoll supports a continuous dialogue that promotes teamwork and differences.

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We all have the opportunity to recommit ourselves to the pressing issues of the day, setting the stage for change in the years ahead. Supporting accessibility and inclusion through design education and affordable housing extends our design-driven mission and shows how we can play a tangible role in making progress toward a fairer world.

Knoll Diversity and Inclusion Council

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends from our executive team to the participation of our broader associate base.

The Knoll Diversity and Inclusion Council serves as a multi-disciplinary think tank of colleagues who leverage their unique perspectives to tackle issues around inclusion, diversity and equity. The Council’s mission is to create and maintain a culture of acceptance and empowerment and enable equitable learning and working environments

The Council draws inspiration from research and experience that shows that organizations that embrace diversity and inclusion have the opportunity to be more creative and innovative; more productive and more profitable, with associates who are happier and more engaged.