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Domino's Style Director Benjamin Reynaert discusses the importance of mixing and matching dining room tables and chairs like the Bertoia Side Chair and Saarinen Dining Table

From vintage mashups to a modern take on the farmhouse trend

Ben Reynaert took over Domino’s Instagram account to give his advice on how to style dining rooms. Reynaert tells followers to stay away from dining room sets and to layer in contrast. “A room can fall flat with a set,” he says. “When a table and chairs are in the same material, color, and style, it all kind of blends together.”

Domino Dining For a vintage mashup, Ben recommends pairing “a rustic farm table with modern Marcel Breuer chairs" and notes that "a tulip-style Saarinen in white gets more interesting next to wood seating.” Some other mashups the style editor recommends include “a modern take on the farmhouse trend” by pairing a wood dining table with the Bertoia Side Chair. Reynaert references three of Knoll's iconic pieces; the Cesca Chair, Saarinen Tulip Chair, and Bertoia Side Chair, recommending them for their endless style possibilities.