The Architect’s Newspaper Awards Antenna Power Beam Editors' Pick in 2020 Best of Products Awards

Power Beam chosen as Editors' Pick in Commercial Furnishings category

The Architect’s Newspaper recently announced the winners for the 2020 Best of Product Awards and chose Antenna Power Beam as Editors' Pick in the Commercial Furnishings category.

AN Awards Antenna Power Beam Editor's Pick

Power Beam, released in March 2020, offers a streamlined technology spine that discreetly manages power and data in a compact footprint. Inspired by the center beam of the original Big Table, Power Beam separates the worksurface from the power structure, allowing for a more flexible, agile power solution. In addition to offering flexible power solutions, Power Beam can be arranged several ways, including with adjacent desks, freestanding or partially supported desks, at multiple horizons, and with integrated storage, counter, and planter solutions.

The Best of Products Awards takes place annually over a wide range of categories, from Acoustic Partitions to Outdoor Furnishings, and aim to showcase the best products in commercial and residential spaces. The winners, honorable mentions and Editors' Picks are chosen by a panel of judges with backgrounds ranging from architecture firms to magazine editors. The Architect’s Newspaper is an online and digital publication aimed at architects, designers, engineers, lighting designers, interior designers and more. The magazine and website cover culture and news related to design.