Azure Magazine Celebrates Remix by Knoll™ and Arezzo Upholstery from Knoll Luxe

August 22, 2014

Remix by Knoll™, the new family of chairs from New Zealand-based design firm Formway Design, and Arezzo, a new Knoll Luxe upholstery by Dorothy Cosonas are featured in Azure magazine’s September 2014 NeoCon recap.

Remix is the newest family of chairs from Formway Design, the team behind the successful Generation by Knoll family of chairs and “consists of task, high-back, side and activity chairs.” Like Generation, Remix features a unique Flex Net Matrix, “an elastomer molded for resiliency, which provides a flexible, yet supported back.” Remix was honored with a 2014 Best of NeoCon Gold Award.

Arezzo, an upholstery textile from the newest Knoll Luxe collection by Dorothy Cosonas is also featured in the issue. Inspired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s retrospective of the late Alexander McQueen, the upholstery “marries print and artisanal techniques, so each patter is unique.”