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Barcelona Chair Featured in HGTV’s Trending Now

HGTV's June 2019 issue features Mies van der Rohe's renowned design and reflects on the chair's lasting influence and relevance

HGTV’s June 6 article on Trending Now highlighted Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair, asserting the iconic design’s continued relevance. In the Trending Now piece, writer Lauren Oster recalls the chair’s interesting conception where Mies van der Rohe was tasked with creating an extremely important chair for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona. The Barcelona Chair could not be anything but monumental given that it was to be the seat for the King of Spain. Naturally, Mies van de Rohe took inspiration from the curule seat, the classic chair reserved for dignitaries in ancient Rome.

HGTV Trending Now Barcelona Chair

Florence Knoll was formally granted the production rights to the Barcelona Chair and Stool in 1953. Although the chair’s materials have evolved since its conception, the original form and physical design have remained unchanged. Since 1996, the Barcelona Chair can be identified by its logo and signature stamp added to the legs, indicating that it is a licensed, authentic version.

Ginger Curtis from Urbanology Designs told HGTV, “we love the Barcelona chair for its timeless designer appeal. It’s one of those pieces that’s unfussy but well stated; it instantly elevates the feel of a room.”