Bounce by Knoll™ Praised by TechCrunch for Bringing “iBeacons Into Office Space Planning”

June 18, 2014

See Bounce by Knoll™ at NeoCon 2014 on YouTube or at TechCrunch.

Bounce by Knoll™, the new software and app that monitors, measures and analyzes space utilization in the office, is praised in a June 17, 2014 article on TechCrunch, the leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.

Through a partnership with Estimote, Bounce brings the “iBeacon platform to the office space planning company.”

“At NeoCon 2014, Knoll debuted one of the first retail installations of iBeacon technology paired with the Bounce app," notes Jordan Crook of TechCrunch.

Bounce pushes information based on a user’s micro-location while also monitoring and measuring space occupancy and patterns.

“The Bounce app also added layers of information about products through a push notification sent from other iBeacons around the space,” writes Crook. As visitors navigated the Knoll NeoCon showroom, Bounce displayed product and planning information directly to smartphones.

“The idea is that Knoll clients could install iBeacons around their own offices and look at potential upgrades to the space that would maximize efficiency,” notes Crook.

“With the Bounce app, these clients could ensure that any investment they made to change their office space — perhaps by splitting one large conference room into two — would actually be useful for the way the office functions.”