Charles River Ventures

When Charles River Ventures, an early stage investor in communication and technology; software and services; and the media and entertainment industries, moved to its new space in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Company turned to Knoll, Office Resources, Inc and Tsoi/ Kobus & Associates to create a contemporary space that would increase collaboration.

The Company selected Antenna® Workspaces desks with AutoStrada® overhead storage for its private offices, suggesting connections and boundaries between diverse work areas and establishing a new way to shape space. Private offices also feature Antenna® Workspaces tables with MultiGeneration by Knoll® hybrid chairs. MultiGeneration encourages collaboration, with a responsive, open design that supports multiple postures and a diversity of people in shared, team and large group environments. Private offices also feature Sapper™ Monitor Arms, which support the changing demands of technology.

Workstations feature a mix of Antenna® Workspaces desks and Dividends Horizon® panels with low horizons to maximize access to natural daylight and views of the Cambridge and Boston skyline. Generation by Knoll® seating, throughout the space, promotes interaction and collaboration which are increasingly at the core of dynamic organizations. Life® Chairs in the Company’s conference room are designed to naturally respond to users’ movements.


Antenna Workspaces®
Generation by Knoll®
MultiGeneration by Knoll® Hybrid Base
Dividends Horizon®
Sapper™ Single Monitor Arm