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With more than 90 million active users globally, eBay is the world's largest online marketplace, where practically anyone can buy and sell practically anything. When the Company, already on the "Great Place to Work" list, initiated a new workplace design, which better supported the variety of ways that their teams work, the change resulted in a dynamic workplace responsive to multiple generations of employees.

The modular, flexible furniture “kit of parts” and the collaboration settings facilitate communication, innovation and increase productivity. Modified Currents® Fence with custom Knoll tables configured with Upstart® legs offers comprehensive planning adaptability while allowing occupants access to natural light. The furniture scheme incorporates Morrison Network screens in bold colors and Propeller® fabric scrims for privacy.

An alternate configuration of Currents® Fence is a bench system that accommodates teams as well as unsurpassed technology management. Custom storage with green tack boards is used throughout, giving employees added space for personal items.

A Calibre® storage work island is at once an engaging meeting zone and efficient filing solution. Overall, the design of the eBay offices responds to different types of work, supporting individual tasks and team activities.


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