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Haynes and Boone, LLP

Haynes and Boone is an international corporate law firm providing a full spectrum of legal services. It is ranked among the largest law firms in the nation and has been recognized as one of the "Best Corporate Law Firms in America."

When the Dallas Haynes and Boone office relocated to a new U.S. Green Building Council certified building in One Victory Park, the firm selected Knoll to provide them with environmentally friendly furnishings. Manufactured using clean technology, Knoll office systems complement the design of the building and allow Haynes and Boone to fulfill their vision of a modern, sustainable work environment.

AutoStrada® storage-anchored workstations streamline the open office plan. KnollExtra Orchestra® desktop management products provide functional yet elegant solutions for workspace clutter. AutoStrada® features custom fabric communication boards giving employees space to tack important memos, brainstorm new ideas and personalize their space.


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Product Image