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Kimberly Smith, Knoll Workplace Strategy, Leads Quartz and Citrix worXshop

Interactive summit focuses on the experience-based workplace and demand for talent

Kimberly Smith, Knoll Senior Director, Workplace Strategy, led an interactive roundtable discussion on workplace experience during worXshop—an event series hosted by Quartz and Citrix—on October 18 at the McIntosh House in New York City. The half-day workshop enlisted workplace strategy experts to guide and inform organization leaders invested in the physical, technological and cultural elements of the modern workplace. Speaking with a roundtable attendees, Smith unpacked the connections between workspace design and human behavior; health and performance; and the quality of user experience as well as how Knoll expertise helps clients and customers shape their work environments.

Knoll and Workplace Week 2019

Kimberly Smith, Senior Director, Workplace Strategy leads a roundtable discussion on the experience-based workplace at McIntosh House in New York City.

The discussion focused on the ever-changing dynamics of the workplace and how these shifts impact the employee experience. With workspace environment ranking as second among “Top Job Likes,” its design is a key tool to attracting and retaining top talent in addition to promoting happiness and wellbeing. In a well-designed workplace environment, people are more likely to bring innovation, expertise, passion and understanding to the table—and stay.

In addition, as attitudes and cultural dynamics shift, the boundaries between home and work continue to blur. As a result, today’s workforce engages their workplace in a new way, deriving an identity and sense of self from their jobs. In a study conducted by PwC, modernizing and honing in on the work environment is now considered a top consideration by 86% of talent. Going in further detail, Smith explained the five workplace trends currently influencing the workplace—talent shortages, changing demographics, a growing contingent workforce, demand for flexible workspaces and shifting employee expectations.

Knoll and Workplace Week 2019

Equipped with their new knowledge, attendees concluded the workshop by describing their own experiences and how environments have the power to shape the workday of themselves and their peers.