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Knoll Showcases Immersive Planning at NeoCon 2017

Raised Anchor Storage wins Best of NeoCon Gold and Antenna Telescope 120 Degree wins MetropolisLikes Award

Knoll presented its award-wining portfolio of workplace products at NeoCon 2017, the annual contract industry trade show, which opened today at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. The Knoll NeoCon showroom added to the company’s 2016 preview of Rockwell Unscripted™ by Rockwell Group, presenting all 30 products spanning six categories and demonstrating how the robust collection of furniture works in tandem with Knoll open plan and ergonomic solutions to create Immersive planning workspaces. Knoll has identified Immersive planning as a new way to address the contemporary workplace. This planning model blurs the lines between workspace types, enhancing interaction and connected experiences, and creating a sense of hospitality at every exchange.

Commenting on Rockwell Unscripted, Benjamin Pardo, Knoll director of design, said, “The market has responded positively to Rockwell Unscripted. The Collection is very much open to what people will do with it. It’s truly an invitation for workplace designers and their clients to personalize their own space.”

Knoll Showcases Immersive Planning at NeoCon 2017 Stacy DeMeester, Knoll Product Manager, presents Anchor Storage with Best of NeoCon jurors: Helen Joe of Ballinger Design and Susan Madison from UC Berkley College of Engineering. Raised Anchor Storage won Best of NeoCon Gold.

Rooted in Rockwell Group’s innovations in hospitality, entertainment and public space, Rockwell Unscripted is a collection of improvisational elements that provide users with the powerful tools they need to cultivate community and creativity for the pace and flow of today’s evolving workstyles.

The company debuted k.™ stand height-adjustable tables and k.™ task chair, two highly affordable planning solutions to meet the demands of today’s workplace in addition to Reff Profiles™ Height Adjustable Executive Desks, Classic and Progressive Peninsulas, a range of sit-stand solutions with a wide variety of configurations and the elegance and flexibility to suit private office to open plan spaces.

The Knoll showroom highlights an experience-based approach to workplace planning, demonstrating the power of bringing the company’s constellation of design-driven brands and people together to create inspired modern interiors. The showroom presents a sequence of dynamic configurations composed with elements from Rockwell Unscripted, HiLo, Antenna Workspaces®, Anchor Storage, Reff Profiles, and DatesWeiser, the Buffalo-based designer and manufacturer acquired by Knoll 2016.

Beyond new products and planning, the Knoll NeoCon showroom featured enhancements to Knoll Office systems and storage lines, new collections from KnollTextiles, coverings and architectural solutions from Spinnybeck and Filzfelt, and state of the art workplace technologies from Density and Polycom.

The Knoll NeoCon showroom showcased the company’s lines of open plan, private office, activity spaces, and ergonomic seating, including Antenna Workspaces, Dividends Horizon®, Reff Profiles, Anchor Storage, the Generation by Knoll® family of chairs, and Remix. The display also included recently introduced products: k. task and k. stand, two highly affordable planning solutions to meet the demands of today’s workplace; Pixel by Marc Krusin, an innovative suite of flexible work and meeting tables; Pilot by Knoll, the lounge chair with a striking, slim profile designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby; and new additions to the Florence Knoll Collection such as a more relaxed version of the iconic Florence Knoll Sofa and the Florence Knoll Hairpin Stacking Table.

Knoll Showcases Immersive Planning at NeoCon 2017 Dorothy Casonas, Creative Director of KnollTextiles, meets with designers at NeoCon 2017.

This year at NeCon, KnollTextiles is celebrating 70 years of groundbreaking textile design. Throughout its history, KnollTextiles has collaborated with some of the world’s most talented designers, amassing an impressive collection of upholstery, wallcovering, and drapery solutions. KnollTextiles satisfies the needs of commercial and residential interiors – combining beauty and function in the Modernist tradition.

To celebrate 70 years dedicated to design, KnollTextiles launched archive-inspired collections. The Legacy Collection was on display with six archive-inspired upholstery fabrics, two archive-inspired drapery, and three deep emboss vinyl wallcoverings. Also featured today at the showroom, was the Signature Collection, which is available now with three archive-inspired upholstery fabrics and an accompanying, refreshed color palette on popular fabrics like Ultrasuede, Crossroad, and Vibe II.

In addition, the Knoll NeoCon showroom is celebrating 100 years of Florence Knoll whose birthday was on May 24. Florence Knoll is a pioneer of design who shaped Knoll and whose innovations continue to influence the way we work and live.

Technology + Knoll

Knoll has partnered with two forward-thinking companies – Polycom and Density – to build an environment that leverages technology to create an unrivaled work experience.

Polycom, Inc. is an industry leader in enterprise grade business communication solutions and is focused on integrating its products into existing workflows. On display throughout the NeoCon showroom are Polycom presentation, co-creation, and videoconference solutions. Visitors engaged with videoconferencing, digital whiteboard, and screensharing technologies, located in the Pixel workshops, the Rockwell Unscripted salon, and the Efficient meeting area.

Density is an anonymous, people counting system with depth-sensing technology. With Density, Knoll illustrated the power of measuring the utilization of a group space in the showroom. Density devices are placed in Pixel workshops.

New Products at NeoCon 2017

  • Rockwell Unscripted: From Knoll and David Rockwell, renowned for creating places where people want to be, comes an unrivaled work experience designed to let spontaneity unfold and people complete the story. The collection of improvisational elements spans six categories and includes more than 30 products.

  • HiLo: HiLo, designed by Bret Recor and Seth Murrray, is a seat that keeps you on your feet. Designed for action and destined to reshape your day, HiLo is ready to take you where you chair can’t go. Small, simple, and something new – this playful perch will change the way you work.

  • Horsepower Beam: Designed by Antenna Design, Horsepower Beam offers flexible power solution for lounge spaces where users can sit and recharge.

  • Horsepower Tech Cart: Designed by Antenna Design, Horsepower Tech Cart brings mobile on-demand screen access and power to dynamic workspaces by teaming Horsepower with Sapper Monitor Arm Collection, designed by Richard Sapper.

  • Reff Profiles Height Adjustable Executive Desks, Classic and Progressive Peninsulas: The introduction of a sit-stand solution to the Reff Profiles line offers a wider variety of configurations without compromising the elegance and flexibility to suit private office to open plan spaces.

  • k. stand height-adjustable tables and k. task chair: The k. line introduces an affordable and high-quality alternative to ergonomic seating and sit-stand table solutions. With its simple aesthetic adaptable to an environment, the new k. line is the go-to solution for an affordable solution to meet the demands of today’s workplace.

  • Finishes: Enhancing the beauty, warmth, and authenticity of wood veneer, the company’s new wood veneer finishing line brings capabilities to support two new gloss levels; matte and reflective in addition to the traditional satin gloss, in both open pore and closed pore fills. With unmatched clarity and durability, new finishes will be available on all Knoll Office products.

  • DatesWeiser: Acquired by Knoll in 2016, DatesWeiser offers contemporary conference and meeting room furniture. At NeoCon 2017, DatesWeiser debuted Highline Fifty tables and credenzas.

  • From the archives: Florence Knoll Relaxed Lounge Seating. Echoing the rational and architectural profile of the Florence Knoll Sofa and Settee, the new additions present a softer and deeper update of a timeless classic.

  • From the archives: Florence Knoll Hairpin Stacking Table. This whimsical occasional table, originally designed in the 1950s, can be stacked up to five high. Wire base with black and white laminate top, multiple leg colors. Chrome base coming soon.

  • From the archives: Florence Knoll End and Side Tables and the Mini Desk. These classic designs have a clean, geometric presence.

  • The Legacy Collection: This new collection from KnollTextiles is made up of six archive-inspired upholstery fabrics, two archive-inspired drapery, and three deep emboss vinyl wallcoverings.

  • The Signature Collection: Already available, the Signature Collection offers three archive-inspired upholstery fabrics and an accompanying, refreshed color palette on popular fabrics like Ultrasuede, Crossroad, and Vibe II.

  • Pop Up: Designed by Antenna Deign, Pop Up desktop and floorstanding screens give you the flexibility to shape your space by creating a boundary for concentration and visual privacy.

  • Calibre, Series 2 and Template Storage: low horizon metal credenzas, offered in a simple kit of parts allows non-handed, flexible configurations.

  • ARO Plank and ARO Shingle Wall Covering from FilzFelt

Knoll Showcases Immersive Planning at NeoCon 2017 Kate Grossman, Knoll Vice President and Marketing Product Director, speaks with NeoCon 2017 attendees.

NeoCon 2017 Enhanced and Notable Offerings

  • Anchor Raised Storage: Anchor storage has been raised off the ground, providing an enhanced aesthetic and supporting new planning solutions with the capacity for electrical components, included in the scope

  • Anchor Slim Credenzas and Pedestals: Designed by Marc Krusin, Knoll has introduced 16” deep credenzas and doublewide pedestals that provide compact storage in small spaces.

  • Antenna Telescope Single Sided: Innovative in its scalability, Telescope fits comfortably in a variety of work environments. The compact single sided planning configuration accommodates high density planning allowing for workstations on-module at the end of a run or corridor.

  • Antenna Telescope 120° Planning: The organic 120° planning configurations is the perfect solution for a collaborative team environment. Telescope's discreet engineering features minimal structure with no feet for ultimate user freedom and comfort, and refined, intuitive technology management.

  • Antenna Simple Table: Compatible with all Knoll systems, this light, versatile table is at home anywhere in the office.

  • Antenna Fence: Flexible, freestanding alternative to panels that can manage technology and ensure users have access to power and data when and where they need it.

  • Multigeneration by Knoll: Designed by Formway Design, Multigeneration by Knoll encourages collaboration with a responsive, open design, and now has the added flexibility of height adjustment and swivel.

  • Saarinen Side Tables: Inspired by a custom top created for the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York, Knoll is developing new finishes for the Saarinen side table including polished bronze, aluminum, and copper.

  • Pixel: Designed by Marc Krusin, Pixel storage, made up of credenzas, pedestals, and consoles, complement a variety of work environments.

  • k. lounge corner table: The k. lounge corner table adds a modular table element to the k. lounge system of products. The corner table enhancement also features a power option in the top of the unit.

Best of NeoCon Awards

Raised Anchor Storage won Best of NeoCon Gold in the Files & Mobile Storage Systems category. The additional space beneath the storage unit allows for clean and simple power installment without compromising storage space.

#MetropolisLikes Awards

Antenna Telescope 120 Degree Planing won a #MetropolisLIkes award. The 120 Degree enhancement offers a sit-stand solution that facilitates collaboration.

The Archive Inspired Collection from KnollTextiles won a #MetropolisLikes award. In honor of Florence Knoll's centenial, KnollTextiles launched an archive-inspired collection, creating modern updates of iconic fabrics.

Interior Design HiP Awards

In the Acoustical Wall Applications category, FilzFelt won a HiP award for Scale, a slotted module system made of folded acoustic fiber composite with 100% wool. The acoustically effective, three-dimensional modules mount to walls or celings and provide optimum acoustic absorption.

Both Barry Richards, principal and stuio leader at Rockwell Group, and Dorothy Cosonas, KnollTextiles creative director, won HiP awards. Mr. Richards won the Leader, Creative Minds category and Ms. Cosonas won the Product Desinger category. 

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