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Knoll at the 2017 IFMA Conference in Tulsa, OK

Kylie Roth, Knoll Senior Director of Workplace Research, presents the company's latest planning approach, Immersive Planning

Kylie Roth presented a lecture on Immersive Planning at SemGroup's corporate office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, hosted by the International Facility Managements Association (IFMA) Tulsa Chapter. Discussing new trends and challenges in the modern workplace, Roth outlined the key components that contribute to an experience-based work evnrionment.

Today, organizations everywhere are tasked with keeping up in a complex business environment that is continuously evolving - they are looking to increase productivity, attract the best talent, and foster a sense of company loyalty. Roth noted that, "today's clients are looking to build memorable and positive experiences for their workers." Such memorable experiences manifest themselves in a space designed not just for the singular function of work, but for socializing, connecting, and collaborating.

Knoll in Interior Appeal 2017

A new way of thinking about space, dubbed Immersive Planning, can answer these evolving needs. Referencing a Knoll white paper on workplace trends, Roth presented Immersive Planning as a new model for the contemporary office, one in which versatile spaces take on multiple functions depending on the needs of the day. This planning model blurs the lines between workspace types, enhancing interaction, inviting connected experiences, and a sense of hospitality at every exchange.

"An Immersive, experience-based workplace supports workers by giving them choice and control," Roth explained, "offering them mobility in where they want to work and allowing them to adapt the space they need as they see fit."

The IFMA is the world's largest international association for facility management professionals, with chapters and events nationwide. The 2017 IFMA Tulsa Conference was held on August 24 in Tulsa, OK. ♦