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Knoll Instagram Stories Spotlight Marcel Breuer and David Adjaye

Dynamic and visual presentation highlights Knoll heritage and connections

Throughout October and November 2019, the Knoll Instagram featured Stories highlighting Marcel Breuer and David Adjaye in a dynamic and visual presentation, recounting subjects from Knoll history and its Bauhaus-ties to innovative contemporary architecture of today.

The first Instagram Story highlighted the history behind Marcel Breuer’s iconic Cesca chair—a landmark design of the Bauhaus known for its ubiquity and simple, straightforward form. The Story detailed the “Anatomy of a Cesca Chair,” identifying the qualities of Breuer’s design that make it an icon of design. The second Instagram Story presented David Adjaye’s design of Ruby City for the Linda Pace Foundation in San Antonio, Texas, highlighting the architect’s point-of-view on architecture as well as the structure’s unique, distinct visual identity.

Together, the Instagram Stories reflect Knoll’s connections across the architecture and design world of yesterday and today.