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Knoll Participates in CoreNet Global Summit Co-working Panel

Knoll & NY Tech Meetup on Panel at CoreNet Summit Los Angeles 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015—Nicole Mirchandani, Senior Director of Market Development at Knoll, and Kylie Roth, Director of Workplace Research & Strategy at Knoll, joined Jessica Lawrence, Executive Director of NY Tech Meetup, on a panel at the Los Angeles CoreNet Global Summit. The panel, titled "Co-working Spaces: A Growing Workplace Movement," discussed the rise of co-working spaces and the creative class of workers that the spaces serve. In addition, the panel considered the lessons of co-working spaces that can be applied to more traditional workplace planning.

As the panelists discussed, co-working spaces are impacting workplaces everywhere by demonstrating the power of dynamic, flexible spaces that accommodate serendipitous and planned social interactions that connect previously disparate talents. Influential trends include fostering a community culture through events and programming, supporting focused work, and redefining productivity to include social interactions.

Roth presented a Knoll Research study that found that those who work in co-working spaces are 75 percent more productive than those who work in a traditional office environment, largely because of the networking opportunities that they present. "As a result, [Mirchandani stated] that companies are establishing co-working facilities on their own campuses, often in underutilized facilities, to gain an advantage in recruiting and retaining talent and to improve productivity and job satisfaction," wrote Bisnow, the commercial real estate digital magazine that covered the event on October 23. 

"Many companies are encouraging their people to work out of co-working spaces to spark new ideas and expose them to different types of people," Mirchandi said, quoted in the Bisnow article. 

The article, "Co-working's Going Mainstream. Here's What You Should Know," highlighted Civic Hall, the innovative co-working space in New York City created by Andrew Raseij and Mica Sifry. Furnished by Knoll, the space offers a variety of open plan, team and quiet workspace choices to government and civic-minded tech innovators––"the top characteristic of successful co-working spaces," as Lawrence states in the article. Beyond variety, Civic Hall offers its users a valuable network and sense of community, where people across projects and areas of expertise frequently make connections that catalyze their projects. 

The CoreNet Global Summit in Los Angeles is one of three annual summits that CoreNet Global holds annually. Each summit provides networking, training and educational programming for hundreds of corporate real estate professionals in a range of industries and sectors.