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Knoll Research Team Leads University of Cincinnati Roundtable and Presentation

Design students share thoughts on the workplace of tomorrow

The Knoll research team visited the University of Cincinnati campus to conduct a roundtable with students and share visions of their future workplace.

Speaking to graduate architecture students, Senior Director of Research Kylie Roth and Workplace Research Manager Carolyn Cirillo facilitated a discussion around preferences for workspaces on campus, at home and on the job.

Knoll at the University of Cincinnati

Students shared insights from their co-op experiences in the professional world, as well as their on-campus studies.

“It was fascinating to learn how students had many of the same preferences and dislikes in the school learning environment as we’ve discovered professionals have in the workplace,” said Roth, who also presented the Evolving Workplace to UC’s design department.

Knoll at the University of Cincinnati

“They were quite passionate about the need for comfortable furniture for studying and lounging, and were grateful not only for good coffee, but also for welcoming settings where they could chat and relax with coworkers and fellow students at work or school. And of course, lots of natural light,” commented Cirillo.

“They also sought greater control of their environment, from being able to adjust temperatures, computer monitors and desk heights throughout the day, to having access to their snack of choice,” she added.

Knoll at the University of Cincinnati

Additional highly valued attributes were technology that adapts to personal and company platforms, choice of quiet or active environments to suit the task at hand and quiet space to do renderings and other focus work.

The visit to the University of Cincinnati reflects the Knoll research team's focus on what talent is seeking in the workplace and how organizations can create appealing settings that attract and retain people.