Knoll Workplace Research Insights on Co-Working Presented at IFMA Atlanta Workplace Conference

February 24, 2015

Kylie Roth, Knoll Director Workplace Research and Strategy, presented Knoll Research insights at the 2015 IFMA Atlanta Workplace Conference. The biennial event, held this year on February 20, brings together IFMA-certified facility managers.

This year, Roth presented Knoll Research findings on co-working spaces, which included the rise of co-working and the implications for the corporate workplace. Roth also discussed the make-up of these organic incubators, highlighted popularity growth both globally and through the U.S., and shared how a new work movement and type of worker is driving the demand for co-working space.

Additionally, Roth shared key insights from progressive co-working spaces and illustrated why and how these shared working environments are reshaping the vision and design of today’s corporate workplaces. To learn more about co-working spaces, visit the Knoll Research Library .