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Knoll Workplace Team Addresses Analysts at Bank of America Panel

The inaugural event also featured panelists from JLL, CoStar and Gensler

Knoll workplace team members presented a preview of the Thriving Holistic Workplace to an audience of REIT analysts at the Future of Office Symposium on October 6. Sharing highlights of the shifting narrative of the office, along with insights gleaned from a series of roundtables conducted with more than 250 clients since April, Carolyn Cirillo, Workplace Research Manager, Knoll, discussed trends Knoll research identified that were accelerated, continued and decelerated by COVID-19 and what that means for the workplace.

Bank of America Panel October 2020

“Clients continue to affirm that workplaces matter more than ever for attracting and retaining talent, managing for change and enabling innovation,” Cirillo noted. “Additionally, we know it’s vital for building culture and that all-important brand experience that resonates with employees.”

Kimberly Smith, Senior Director of Workplace Strategy, Knoll, then shared how the Thriving Holistic Workplace might look, and how its metrics differed from previous planning approaches. “In addition to new design strategies, such as this one built around neighborhoods, we’re seeing great interest in materials that not only meet sustainability standards, but also meet more stringent cleaning and durability requirements,” Smith said.

“While we can’t predict the future, we can learn from many different indicators. We’re pleased to share what we’re seeing with our real estate colleagues and influencers,” Cirillo noted.

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