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Marc Krusin Talks Workplace Design

Krusin visits Knoll showrooms in the northeast, discussing his own inspiration and workplace design

Krusin Northeast TourMarc Krusin at the new Knoll Philadelphia Showroom.

Over the past few weeks, Marc Krusin made his way around the Northeast, stopping in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York City to discuss workplace design and his own approach to the topic. Krusin also went over new updates to the Pixel Collection for Knoll. However, most excitingly was a sneak preview of his upcoming introductions with Knoll. All three stops were successful, gathering a mixed crowd of designers, friends of Knoll, and Knoll Associates.

Krusin Northeast TourThe audience in Philadelphia making full use of the Rockwell Unscripted Steps.The Tugenhadt House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1930) and the Newson Aluminum Chair by Marc Newson (2018).

Marc Krusin is a London-based designer known for his carefully considered furniture designs that, even when brand new, feel like instant classics. With a talent for designing elegantly proportioned, functional pieces that meet a real need in the workplace, Krusin has collaborated with Knoll since 2009. His portfolio included the Krusin Collection of chairs and side tables, the Anchor storage system, and the latest, Pixel, a suite of tables and storage.

Krusin Northeast TourMarc Krusin discussing his Pixel C-Leg table.

Krusin's work is often described as simple, yet it is the attention to detail that makes for such streamlined look. "The attention to detail and proportion was absolutely part of my experience in Italy," noted Krusin. He mentioned how in Italy, there is an incredible attention to the details of things, from the general macro point-of-view down to the stitching on clothing. This awareness and consciousness is something Krusin successfully incorporates into his own work.

Krusin Northeast TourKrusin going over the Pixel suite of tables.

When asked about how his career has changed overtime, Krusin notes that, apart from there being less of "him" in his work, he has emphasized the importance of doing versus thinking. He believes we spend too much time on thinking and not enough on simply doing, knowing full well that ideas will organically emerge along the way.

Krusin Northeast TourKrusin in Washington D.C.

Lastly, on space, Krusin has never fully considered the specific space, but rather potential spaces. When approaching workplace design specifically, his work is based on flexibility and being as unobtrusive as possible. Krusin has fully considered how the workplace is shifting, where people spend less time in one place and use one room for a variety of tasks. His goal with Pixel was to create the solution to the changing workforce.

Krusin Northeast TourMarc Krusin at the Knoll New York City Showroom.

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Krusin Coffee Tables
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Krusin Side and End Tables
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Pixel Pedestal
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Pixel Storage by Marc Krusin