Steven South of Perkins + Will Tours the Knoll r/evolution workplace Showroom at NeoCon 2014

First Ever Google Glass Tour of Knoll at NeoCon Produced

June 12, 2014

See Framework - Knoll NeoCon 2014 on YouTube.

At NeoCon 2014, Steven South, Perkins + Will, senior international project designer and senior associate, filmed the first ever Knoll r/evolution workplace Showroom tour in Chicago with Google Glass. South’s tour, led by Alana Stevens, Knoll vice president of marketing, featured interviews with Knoll product managers and designers.

Google Glass is the smart eyewear from Google that allows users to search, capture photos and videos, send messages, run apps and more.

The video, which runs just over thirty minutes, includes an overview of the r/evolution workplace platform as well as an introduction to new products including the Remix™ family of chairs, new Acoustic FilzFelt® products by Architecture Research Office, Antenna® Telescope™, the Best of NeoCon award-winning height-adjustable benching system, k.™ lounge, a new soft seating collection and Dividends Horizon® and Reff Profiles™ workstations.

Highlights include moments with Benjamin Pardo, Knoll design director, and Formway Design, the studio behind the Remix and Generation by Knoll® family of chairs.