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Sector Focus: Tech

Rapidly expanding, the Seattle-based software company Tableau moved to a new location, renovating an old gymnasium building that had been beloved by the neighboring community. In the new space, Tableau sought to create a "developer heaven" that would recruit top software developer talent. To do so, the space had to be flexible, support multiple ways of working, and promote community and collaboration.

Tableau chose Gensler to undertake the renovation and worked closely with Systems Source, a Knoll dealer with a reputation for supporting designer intent and client requirements. Mindful of community-wide attachment to the building, Gensler preserved pieces of the old while repurposing recognizable aspects, like the basketball court, which was used throughout the space as finishes for walls, staircases and flooring.

To achieve a space that would nurture the brand's culture and support a range of working styles, the project team zoned the space into quiet and active open plan work areas, and located programmed boundaries between the two zones: private offices and enclosed rooms for teamwork or retreat. The team created visual buffers between spaces, utilizing FilzFelt hanging panels as well as interstitial passages, lined with the floor from the old basketball court. To encourage serendipitious meetings, Gensler located social hubs on each of the building's three levels along common routes.

Tableau looked to Knoll for the company's reputation for quality and for a clean, contemporary aesthetic. Additionally, Tableau sought a fence-based system, and Antenna® Fence provided the functionality that the company required. Working with Systems Source, the project team selected Antenna Fence across the open plan workstations. Each workstation was designed with two full-frame Antenna privacy screens in fabric and white board to meet the dual needs of focus and brainstorming. The dynamic and ergonomic Generation by Knoll® provided seating for multiple work modes, from focus on one employee's own monitor to quick consultation with neighbors. The compact, modular storage system Template®, which works with Antenna® Workspaces, was chosen for its ability to double-task at providing storage and defining spaces, and for its plannability across open plan and private office environments.

The Tableau project team created an ecosystem of varied spaces around the open workstation area, including conference rooms, team rooms, training rooms, casual meeting areas, and focused brainstorming areas, as well as cafe and lounge, supporting collaboration and communication. In guest, training and breakout areas, MultiGeneration by Knoll® provided lightweight, ergonomic seating. Dividends Horizon® X-Base Tables were used in the cafe areas. Antenna and Generation by Knoll supported longer, larger meetings in the conference rooms. Counter-height Antenna tables provided work surfaces in phone rooms and small media enclaves.

Tableau views its new space as a success, citing increased employee satisfaction and engagement. The space is both a place where the developers can do focused work in close proximity and where teamwork and collaboration come easily.








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Generation by Knoll®
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MultiGeneration by Knoll® - Hybrid Base
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Dividends Horizon® X-Base Tables