TM Advertising

When TM Advertising, a top creative agency located in Dallas, Texas, moved to its new space, the Company worked with Gensler, Dallas and Lane Office Interiors, a New York City Knoll dealer, to create an environment that promotes creativity and invigorates employees.

For the open plan office, the Company selected Antenna® Workspaces Big Table, which offers a collaborative work setting that can support groups of any size in open plan environments, touch-down spaces and meeting areas. Mounted wood cabinets, attached to the Big Table center beam, offer additional storage, while extension tops and storage cabinets, supported by extended rails, delineate space. Template® storage and Antenna® Workspaces mobile pedestals provide file storage and define boundaries between individual workstations.

The Company's private offices also feature Antenna® Workspaces desks and wallmounted overhead storage elements to create highly efficient focused work areas. Throughout the office, Generation by Knoll® seating offers a new standard of comfort, supporting the range of postures and workstyles typical in today's workplace.


Antenna® Workspaces
Generation by Knoll®