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Validas, a Sugarland, Texas-based technology start-up, is one of the world's fastest growing companies. Within 45 days of the Company's launch at the United Nations, Validas grew to 90,000 users. The Company's mission is to help end consumer frustration about over paying on their "Wireless Bills".

The SaveLoveGive campaign is a web app that allows anyone to "Save on their cell bill, Love the solution and Give back to Micro-Finance" to fund other start-ups. The campaign received national news exposure in 2013 on networks such as ABC, Fox and the Wall Street Journal. Validas turned to Debner & Co., a Knoll-dealer, to revitalize its open plan and private offices with Antenna® Workspaces desk and storage.

Antenna® Workspaces Big Table with markerboard and fabric privacy screens delineate individual workstations. Adjoining collaborative areas, featuring Saarinen Side Tables, support casual meetings and encourage impromptu gatherings. Antenna® Workspaces in the Company’s private offices respond to individual needs and complement the clean and open architecture of the space. The ergonomic Sapper® Monitor Arm and Generation by Knoll®, installed throughout the office, allow employees to customize their workstations for ultimate comfort.


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Antenna Workspaces®
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Generation by Knoll®
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Bertoia Side Chair