Washington Post Highlights Knoll Refuge Spaces

In open-plan offices, Knoll's getaway spaces allow diverse ways of working

April 22, 2015

Today's Washington Post article highlights the importance of diverse spaces within the open plan. The article, which describes worker-focused office design, estimates that 70 percent of American workplaces are now open-plan, as social collaboration and idea exchange have become business imperatives. But there is also greater awareness that one size does not fit all.

Employees work differently, not only as individuals, but also throughout the day. With concerns about lack of privacy and the constant pull by co-workers, devices, and other distractions, companies are seeing the need for a variety of workspaces to accomodate a range of styles.

As the article describes, and as Knoll has continually promoted through its Activity Spaces, these environments should be seen as go-to spaces for employees in need of a change of scenery, allowing everything from informal interactions to focused tasks and private meetings. Refuge rooms, which the Washington Post described in particular, fill the need for a getaway space, meeting "the needs of companies to balance individual workspaces with areas of the office that provide for individual and group privacy," in the words of David Bright, Knoll.

Read the full article on the Washington Post.

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