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The Wall Street Journal Features a Knoll Home Office with Generation by Knoll

September 1 Work Issue recommends keys to the home office - looking to Knoll with a smart solution

Friday's August 31, 2018 Design section of The Wall Street Journal ran a piece on how to improve your home office. WSJ editor Catherine Romano asked the pros where people typically go wrong when designing their residential workspaces, gathering the pieces of a smart solution. WSJ didn't have to look far to find a Knoll solution that successfully meets the needs of most, if not all, individuals who work from home.

Wall Street Journal Knoll Home Office

The Wall Street Journal identified an inspiring view and an ergonomic chair as two essentials elements of the home office. Harnessing the abundant natural light, the space utilizes products from Rockwell Unscripted, introduced in 2017. The home office is a combination of three simple, mobile elements, a Rockwell Unscripted Easy Table and Rockwell Unscripted Mobile Storage as well as a high-performance Generation by Knoll work chair. An elegant Florence Knoll Hairpin Table further enhances the residential look and feel. Together, these products provide the right amount of storage and work surface without compromising performance.

Other suggestions on how to improve your home office included updating your desk essentials, bringing in the outdoors in the form of desk plants and incorporating residential decorative elements to make the space feel like home.

Product Image
Florence Knoll Hairpin Stacking Table
Product Image
Generation by Knoll®
Product Image
MultiGeneration by Knoll® - High Task, Armless
Product Image
Rockwell Unscripted® Easy Table - 54" x 27"
Product Image
Rockwell Unscripted® Mobile Storage