When Wunderman, a response-driven marketing and advertising firm, moved to its new office in Irvine, California, the Company worked with HOK, to create a space that would combine efficient lighting, interesting textures and vibrant colors as well as promote creativity and collaboration within an eclectic, contemporary atmosphere.

Wunderman selected Antenna Workspaces® Big Table with upmounted screens to create a defined and detailed space that incorporates low horizons and ample access to natural light. Antenna Workspaces® maximizes workspace real estate with shared legs and upmounted storage elements that suggest boundaries between worksurfaces.

Generation by Knoll® seating is used throughout the space. Generation offers a new standard of comfort and unrestrained movement, supports the range of postures and work styles typical in today's workplace and promotes interaction and collaborations, which is increasingly at the core of dynamic organizations. MultiGeneration by Knoll® provides guest seating in private offices. Template® Storage solutions in the individual workstations provide greater organization and double as guest seating.


MultiGeneration by Knoll® Hybrid Base
Generation by Knoll® Lumbar
Generation by Knoll®
Antenna® Workspaces