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    Antenna Workspaces Accessories

    A crisp modern aesthetic and broad range of material choices, finishes, and comprehensive scope make Antenna ladder screens and accessories the go-to universal components to define personal workspace. Flexible accessories integrate with Antenna and other Knoll products and can be placed on any desktop to personalize the workspace and support productivity.

    Simple design, thoughtful details

    The Antenna ladder screen's simple, people-centered design delineates space and supports various combinations of accessories, while allowing light to filter into the workstation. Thoughtful details, like the forward lean of the cup and tray which orient tools towards the user, and the tray’s integrated handle for taking supplies on the go, support comfort, productivity, and flexibility in the workplace.

    Functional, flexible and organized

    Accessories that integrate with the Antenna ladder screen, Power Beam, and other Knoll products are designed to help you organize tools and personal items. Tack reminders to the moveable screen, hang personal items on the hook and charge your phone from the phone rest. Organize your workspace with the Antenna desktop shelf, which elevates tools and supplies off the worksurface, and use the Antenna tray to collect work tools on the desktop and on the go."

    Express yourself

    An assortment of colors and finishes for Antenna ladder screens, desktop shelves and accessories create opportunities for personal expression. Metal and plastic accessories are available in a range of neutrals and pop colors, while moveable screens in Akustika, felt, and cork add softness to the workspace.


    Brochures & Product Literature

    Pricing Information


    Painted accessories include the Antenna Ladder, Phone Rest, Headset Hook and Desktop Tray.

    Moveable Screen is made out of felt or cork face-mounted to Akustika substrate.

    Cup & Tray is made out of molded plastic.

    • color Jet Black - Textured
    • color Brown - Textured
    • color Dark Grey - Textured
    • color Folkstone Grey - Textured
    • color Medium Grey - Textured
    • color Sandstone- Textured
    • color Soft Grey - Textured
    • color Bright White - Textured
    • color Beige Mist Metallic - Textured
    • color Medium Metallic Grey - Textured
    • color Silver
    • color Dark Red Paint
    • color Slate Blue Paint
    • color Cork
    • color Weiss Felt
    • color Mango Felt
    • color Anthrazit Felt
    • color Lagune Felt
    • color Ebony
    • color Granite White
    • color Olive Grey
    • color Lacquer Red
    • color Aqua Marine

    Additional Info

    Mounting Details
    • Tray & Cup can be mounted directly onto Antenna Power Beam, onto the Ladder Screen, or rest on worksurface.
    • Ladder Screen mounts to Antenna Power Beam.
    • Moveable Screen, Headset Hook, and Phone Rest mount to Ladder.
    • Desktop Shelf and Clamp-On Cantilever Shelf mount to worksurface.

    Antenna Design was founded in 1997 by Masamichi Udagawa, a Cranbrook Academy graduate, and Sigi Moeslinger, who holds degrees from NYU and Art Center College of Design. Antenna's people-centered design approach aims to make the experience of objects and environments more meaningful and exciting. Among Antenna’s best known projects are the design of New York City Subway cars and ticket vending machines, JetBlue check-in kiosks and displays for Bloomberg.

    When Knoll set out to create a new open plan office system, Antenna’s experience with the ever-expanding presence of technology, and their expertise in user experience made them an attractive collaborative partner. Together Knoll and Antenna conceived Antenna Workspaces, an innovative open plan system, which reflects Udagawa and Moeslinger’s interest in functional simplicity and their expertise in using design as a tool of social interaction that bridges people and technology.

    Antenna has been recognized with several prestigious design awards, including the National Design Award in Product Design from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Both Udagawa and Moeslinger are senior critics in graphic design at the Yale University School of Art.