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    Desk Screens & Space Dividers

    Screens are an easy way to add enclosure to spaces around the workplace. They offer users privacy and separation and can be integrated into workstations or be used to delineate space in shared environments.

    Knoll offers a variety of desk screens and freestanding screens to meet a range of privacy and enclosure needs.

    Desk Screens

    Desk-mounted screens demarcate individual space, providing a shelter for productive focus work while also promoting a sense of belonging, serenity, and flow. Available in a variety of shapes, materials, and configurations, desk screens offer space delineation opportunities that seamlessly integrate with Knoll workplace collections.

    Freestanding Screens & Dividers

    Perfect for meeting spaces and collaborative areas, communication boards and floorstanding screens provide an ideal way do define spaces for teams and groups. Support diverse team needs with sound-absorbing upholstered screens or communications boards that double as a collaboration tool to jot down brainstorms, presentations, and riffs of inspiration.