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    k. lounge

    A go-to lounge collection for the workplace

    k. lounge is a modular, plannable soft seating series that delivers a broad range of capabilities, making it the go-to solution for creating alternative work spaces in the office.


    With 20 modular elements, k. lounge bridges the gap between object based furniture and a plannable system, making it applicable for a variety of spaces ranging from small enclosed refuge rooms to large open community areas.


    Ranging in size and shape, the k. lounge collection comes together to scale for any size space. With an integrated ganging system, creating a large assembly space or a standalone media enclave is as simple as snapping a few pieces together.

    A Variety of Horizons

    k. lounge offers three different back options – backless, low back, and high back – adding the ability to play with horizons in a single space. Backless benches offer a quick touchdown spot. Low back benches encourage collaboration. High back benches offer more long term support for focused individual or team work.


    In the busy workplace of today, reconfigurability is essential. While k. lounge pieces move easily on glides, reverse braking casters are available on the stool, ottoman and single seat bench with low back to help quickly reconfigure alternative work spaces.


    In tables and benches, k. lounge can be specified with cut outs for cordset power modules that offer two standard power outlets or one outlet with one double USB port. With power, k. lounge becomes the ultimate touchdown charging spot.


    • Frame constructed with zero-emission plywood joined with CNC finger joints
    • Upholstery foam is high-resilience, multi-density urethane
    • Adjustable glides are non-marking nylon and feature a large footprint
    • Four no-tool ganging brackets are standard on all pieces except stool and pouf



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    • color Delite - Orange
    • color Delite - Red
    • color Delite - Catalina
    • color Delite - Turquoise
    • color Delite - Parrot
    • color Delite - Green
    • color Delite - Cinder
    • color Delite - Stone
    • color Delite - Gray
    • color Delite - Slate
    • color Delite - Tobacco
    • color Delite - Charcoal
    • color Delite - Onyx
    • color Delite - Purple

    3D Symbols

    Configure k. lounge

    The configurator below is for reference purposes only. All options, finishes and sizes are not represented. For the complete scope, please refer to the k. lounge price list.


    Common Configurations