k. lounge

A go-to lounge collection for Activity Spaces

k. lounge is a modular, plannable soft-seating series that delivers a broad range of capabilities, making it the go-to solution for Activity Spaces throughout the work environment.


With 12 modular elements, k. lounge bridges the gap between object-based furniture and a plannable system, making it applicable in spaces ranging from small enclosed refuge spaces to large open community areas.

Key Benefits

COMPREHENSIVE SCOPE. Multiple shapes and sizes address a wide range of Activity Spaces


FLEXIBLE PLANNING. Each element can be used individually or can be configured and linked to define a setting in the open plan


VERSATILE DESIGN. Each piece offers a scale, seat height, recline angle and upholstery firmness that enable use from all sides


All 12 k. lounge modules offer a scale, seat height, recline angle and upholstery firmness that enable it to be used from all sides. Individual pieces can also be linked and configured to define a setting in the open plan.

Common Configurations


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See approval matrices in the downloads section for more detail.

  • color Delite - Orange
  • color Delite - Red
  • color Delite - Catalina
  • color Delite - Turquoise
  • color Delite - Parrot
  • color Delite - Green
  • color Delite - Cinder
  • color Delite - Stone
  • color Delite - Gray
  • color Delite - Slate
  • color Delite - Tobacco
  • color Delite - Charcoal
  • color Delite - Onyx
  • color Delite - Purple


Additional Info

Construction and Details
  • Frame constructed with zero-emission plywood joined with CNC finger joints
  • Single seat bench with back, stool, and ottoman are available with option to add reverse-braking casters.
  • Upholstery foam is high-resilience, multi-density urethane
  • Adjustable glides are non-marking nylon and feature a large footprint
  • Stool has flat, non-marking Teflon glide at bottom edge of frame
  • Four no-tool ganging brackets are standard on all pieces except stool and pouf