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    k. screen Extend

    k. screen Extend is a thoughtful series of screen surrounds that sit on the worksurface to provide full enclosure at the desktop. Screens in Acrylic, Metal, Cork, and PET Acoustic Panels address the privacy, separation and acoustical workstation needs.


    Comprised of two corner screens and an overlapping back panel, k.screen Extend is easy to install, supports a range of top sizes, and can be assembled with different materials specified on the corners and backs.

    Universally Adjustable

    Corner screens are a single continuous L-shape and overlapping back panel adjusts to support a range of desktop widths.



    Features and Options
    • Screens secure to top of worksurface with metal brackets and supplied two-sided tape
    • Cord drop allows 3" clearance for wires, Sapper Monitor Arm Desk Clamp, and various other accessories mounted to the back edge of the desktop metal is magnetic
    • Overlapping back panels are available in two widths to create continuous surrounds for tops 42-78" wide.


    Material Details
    • 12mm PET Acoustic Panels
      • Tackable, lightweight and sound absorbing with NRC value of 0.45
      • 100% Polyester
      • 100% Recyclable
    • Metal
      • Available in all core paints
      • Metal is magnetic
    • Metal with Cork or PET
      • Available in all core paints
      • Tackable and magnetic with rare earch magnets
    • Acrylic
      • Clear to allow natural light to filter to workstations

    • color Clear
    • color Bright White - Textured
    • color Folkstone Grey - Textured
    • color Soft Grey - Textured
    • color Sandstone- Textured
    • color Medium Grey - Textured
    • color Dark Grey - Textured
    • color Brown - Textured
    • color Jet Black - Textured
    • color Beige Mist Metallic - Textured
    • color Medium Metallic Grey - Textured
    • color Dark Red - Textured
    • color Slate Blue - Textured
    • color Cork
    • color Silver
    • color Lead
    • color Red
    • color Slate
    • color Pewter
    • color Smoke
    • color Ochre


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