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    Reff Profiles™ Height Adjustable Desks

    Reff Profiles freestanding, peninsula and wall-mounted height-adjustable desks bring the beauty of wood and a tailored aesthetic to the sit-stand desk category. Harmonizing the rich character of wood casegoods with the latest ergonomic and technology support, Reff Profiles height-adjustable desks support wellness while delivering a signature aesthetic.

    An elegant and ergonomic solution for executive spaces

    Reff Profiles freestanding height-adjustable desks enables users to adjust their workspace throughout the day in an ergonomic, healthy and safe manner. Freestanding, independent elements also offer users greater choice in configuring their offices. Offered in two styles and easily configured to meet a range of functional and aesthetic requirements.

    Harmonizing the rich character of wood casegoods with the latest ergonomic and technology support

    Height-adjustable peninsulas are offered in two pre-configured options or can be built to spec to solve for a range of client needs.

    Where beauty, efficiency and function come together

    Reff Profiles wall-mounted height-adjustable desks deliver maximum performance in a minimal footprint. Whether space is at a premium, or you are trying to fit a greater number of private offices into the floorplan in order to create a more equitable environment, or you are designing a home base in multi-use and shared private offices, Reff Profiles wall-mounted height-adjustable desks provide a small, logical and affordable kit of parts to create efficient, high performing spaces.

    Signature design for open plan workstations

    When paired with the comprehensive scope of Reff Profiles open plan panel and storage configurations, Reff Profiles height-adjustable desks support wellness and deliver a cohesive aesthetic throughout the workplace.


    • color Maple (V1)
    • color Blond Maple (V1)
    • color Natural (V1)
    • color Light Cherry (V1)
    • color Medium Teak (V1)
    • color Cherry (V1)
    • color Dark Mahogany (V1)
    • color Medium Walnut (V1)
    • color Black Oak (V1)
    • color Espresso (V1)
    • color Light Walnut (V1)
    • color Dove Grey (V1)
    • color White Pine (V2)
    • color Birch with Birch Edge (V2)
    • color Maple (V2)
    • color Natural Oak (V2)
    • color Bronze Cherry (V2)
    • color Light Walnut (V2)
    • color Rustic Walnut (V2)
    • color Old English Walnut (V2)
    • color Peacock Green Walnut (V2)
    • color Ebony (V2)
    • color Grigio (V2)
    • color Figured Sycamore (V3)
    • color Pippy Oak (V3)
    • color Bright White
    • color Micro Sand
    • color Brushed Sand
    • color Micro Grey
    • color Soft Grey
    • color Pumice
    • color Brushed Grey
    • color Fog
    • color Folkstone Grey
    • color Medium Grey
    • color Jet Black
    • color Whitened Ash
    • color Light Ash
    • color Warm Ash
    • color Grey Ash
    • color Natural Maple
    • color Natural Cherry
    • color Medium Cherry
    • color Classic Oak
    • color Walnut
    • color Graphite Pear
    • color Zebra
    • color Bright White - Smooth
    • color Soft Grey - Smooth
    • color Folkstone Grey - Smooth
    • color Sandstone - Smooth
    • color Medium Grey - Smooth
    • color Dark Grey - Smooth
    • color Brown - Smooth
    • color Jet Black - Smooth
    • color Beige Mist Metallic - Smooth
    • color Medium Metallic Grey - Smooth
    • color Silver - Smooth


    Additional Info

    Environmental Certification
    • BIFMA level® certified
    • Reff Profiles™ is certified Clean Air GOLD
    • Available with an FSC® certified claim
    • Can contribute to achieving LEED® certification for Existing Buildings,
      Commercial Interiors and New Construction
    • Visit Ecomedes to learn more about product certifications and sustainable design at Knoll.

    Sustainable Design
    • 20-24% recycled content steel
    • 15-20% recycled content aluminum
    • 100% recycled content particleboard
    • Steel and aluminum components recyclable
    • Water-based adhesives, water-based stains and UV-cured polyurethane top coats are virtually VOC-free