Sapper™ Multiple Monitor Beams

Sapper™ Monitor Arm Collection

Richard Sapper conceived the Sapper™ Monitor Arm Collection to set a new standard for intuitive functionality, ease of reconfiguration and unobtrusive visual elegance. Renowned for his forward thinking workplace and technology products, Sapper has engineered the most straightforward and refined monitor arm collection available today.


Multiple monitor beam solutions allow for easy installation of multiple monitors at an affordable price, a perfect solution for trading, security and healthcare applications.

Core Attributes

  • INTUITIVE ADJUSTMENTS - Sapper monitor arms offer unparalleled fluid monitor movement with easy-to-use adjustments
  • ADAPTABILITY - Design incorporates elements to support a broad range of work environments
  • EASE OF RECONFIGURATION - The Collection is a complete system with a broad kit of parts and is highly reconfigurable


Sapper Monitor Beam Options

  • color Sapper - Red Knob
  • color Sapper - Black Knob
  • color Heavy Duty Table Clamp
  • color Antenna Beam Side Mount

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Additional Info

  • Beams can be mounted on a desk with heavy-duty table clamps or on Antenna workspaces with the Antenna center beam side mount
  • Beams come in kits of 3-4 monitors; two beams come in kits of 6-8 monitors
  • Beams come in two sizes: 50" and 64" 
  • Beams are curved to maximize usable worksurface while creating a cockpit effect for visual comfort
  • Each beam can hold up to 100 lbs (weight limit per movement joint is 20 lbs)
  • Beam kits ship standard with innovative fast release movement joint slides which easily shift along the beam for optimal monitor placement, and can be quickly installed and removed
  • Beams incorporate easy-to-use external cable management which keeps wires tidy and accessible
    Sustainable Design and Environmental Certification
  • GREENGUARD Certified
  • Can contribute to achieving LEED points
  • Made with 95% recyclable material
  • Powder coat paint is VOC-free
  • No PVCs
  • The Museum of Modern Art Architecture and Design Collection

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When Marketing asked Knoll Director of Design Benjamin Pardo to develop a new monitor arm collection — something that would be simple and intuitive without sacrificing usability — he immediately thought of Richard Sapper.

Sapper designed his eponymous chair for Knoll in 1979, a product celebrated for its quiet style and sensible control mechanisms. Pardo: “Here was an opportunity to work on a kinetic object with a guy who does that absolutely wonderfully.”

Sapper’s signature refined aesthetic brought simplicity and intelligence to a category crowded with overly-complicated, ill-considered designs. The Sapper™ Monitor Arm Collection sets a new standard for intuitive functionality, ease of reconfiguration and unobtrusive visual elegance, or as Sapper put it himself, “Everything is done so it explains itself.”